History of Company

The founder of KARAKÖSE İNŞAAT, worked in public sector in DSI (State Hydrolic Works) as Control Engineer, Deputy Director and Regional Officer respectively from 1978 till passing to private water and energy structures sector in 1985.

  • Between 1985-1986; Site Supervisor of Excavation and Filling Works of Kemerkoy Thermal Power Plant Construction,
  • Between 1986-1998; Project Manager of Çayboğazı Dam and Facilities Construction,
  • Between 1998-2006; Project Manager of Dim Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant Construction

With the experience he got from the projects above, he founded KARAKÖSE İNŞAAT in 1998.

The Company since 1998, has started to construct Dam and Hydroelectric Power Projects for DSI and also for the private sector.

Hydroelectric Power Plant Projects listed below has been completed on time in a high quality and integrity level between 1999-2010 and all of them are in operation at the moment;

  • Between 1999-2010; Dim Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant Construction - Sub-Contractor (Spillway Construction, Retaining Walls, Energy Tunnel Entrance Structure and Slope Coverings, Road Infrastructure Works, Plinth Crest Road Breakwater, Water Intake Structure Bottom Sluice Tunnel Reinforcement and Valve Chamber Construction )
  • Between 2007-2008; TOCAK Hydroelectric Power Plant Construction - Contractor, (Water Intake Structure, Power House, Spillway and Service Roads Construction )
  • Between 2008-2010; Dim Hydroelectric Power Plant Construction - Contractor,
    (Roads, Penstock and Powerhouse Construction )

His children; Kubilay Karaköse (Civil Engineer, M.Sc.) and Eray Karaköse (Business Executive) joined the Company in later years.

Real Estate Development Projects initiated in 2005 and main activity field of Dam & Hydroelectric Power Plant Construction Projects are going on.